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Target Audience Analysis

My design challenge was to make a cohesive advertisement that could fit into an existing ad campaign. I chose the LiveTwice Campaign by Mexican Transplant Association, or Sociedad Mexicana de Transplantes in its native language. The targeted audience of this new ad were 18+ year old males and females enjoy and participate in sports, and who are compassionate. This design is meant to urge the target audience to consider being an organ donor, so that those needing transplants can have a second chance at life.

Photo Attribution:

Mexican Transplant Association logo in Spanish

Sociedad Mexicana de Transplantes logo via : www.smt.org.mx

LiveTwice original ad

Original LiveTwice campaign ad via: http://www.creativeadawards.com/?s=live+twice

Lady holding smartphone wall background

Woman holding smartphone with wall background photo via Pexels.com: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-lady-wall-smartphone-94560

man's legs wakeboarding

Photo of man’s legs wakeboarding via Pexels.com: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-in-blue-and-black-board-shorts-on-white-wake-board-209916/



new LiveTwice ad created by me

Advertisement for LiveTwice campaign created by me via Photoshop


Design Analysis

The original ad used depth of field in the top photo to add focus on the person. Similarly, the focus is put on the legs of an athlete with an outdoor background in the bottom photo. Because the background of the bottom photo is darker than that of the top photo, a subtle shadow effect was created on the word “twice.”

Although this ad’s two photos take roughly half of the combined image size each, it does still follow the rule of thirds. The four areas, marked below are the girl’s face, left arm, right elbow, and a left leg that is in close proximity to the bottom left intersecting imaginary lines.

There is almost a seamless transition between the girl’s upper body and torso and the athletic legs beneath.

These were things I kept in mind as I created my new ad.


Color Analysis of Original Ad

The original ad has a strong repetition of the color white throughout the ad. This is in the typography, logo, website, and shoes. Using white creates a visual contrast and helps the typography to pop out and get attention, while maintaining legibility.

As mentioned previously, there is visual contrast between the legs and the outdoor background, to put emphasis on the legs.

There is a light colored background behind the girl’s body.

Typography Analysis of Original Ad

The main typography used in this ad is a thin, sans serif font.

There is, however, a contrasting Oldstyle serif font used in the logo text.

One very interesting thing about this ad is that the letter i is connected between both words. The bottom one is upside-down, creating almost a reflection effect.

New Ad

Design Analysis

As shown below, these all use similar design principles of visual contrast, rule of thirds, and a smooth transition between the upper body and torso and the athletic legs with an outdoor background. They also use similar depth of field principles, putting the focus on the body, not the background.

Color Analysis

As shown below, this new ad uses a repetition of white, visual contrast between both bodies and backgrounds in the ad.

Typography Analysis

As shown below, this new ad uses similar typefaces of sans serif, with a little bit of serif font. Also the letter i is connected between the text, as well as the bottom one being upside-down.


In conclusion, this new ad that I created is cohesive with the existing LiveTwice ad campaign because it uses similar background contrast between the two images, as well as a shadow on the word twice.  It also uses rules of thirds, and has a smooth transition between the upper body and torso and the athletic legs with an outdoor background. It also uses a consistent repetition of the color white, includes visual contrast, and includes similar typefaces.