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Architectural Digest Design Show advertisment


This advertisement was found in New York Spaces, February-March 2017 edition, courtesy of https://issuu.com/davlermedia23/docs/nyks_0117


Serif/Oldstyle typeface

This first altered image shows that an Oldstyle typeface was used in the title “Architectural Digest.”  Oldstyle typefaces can be identified by their angled serifs on both uppercase and lowercase letters. All the curved strokes in the letterforms have a moderate thick to thin transition.

Sans serif typeface

This second altered version of the advertisement shows the Sans serif typeface used. Sans serif typeface can be identified by not having serifs on the ends of the strokes.  They also are mono-weight, and have no thick to thin transitions in the strokes.

Contrasting Elements

Both the Oldstyle and sans serif typefaces have contrasting elements. For example, the kerning or spacing between the Oldstyle typeface letterforms feels tighter in the words “Architectural Digest” compared to the kerning of the sans serif typeface. The sans serif typeface used in the words “Design Show” add contrast with the color blue right below the Oldstyle typeface. Also, the form of the two typefaces have contrast. The Oldstyle typeface relies on all capital letters, while the sans serif font has a mix of all capital letters and lowercase.


The use of two contrasting typefaces in this advertisement contribute to the overall design. The Oldstyle typeface sets the company name “Architectural Digest” apart from the rest of the advertisement. The use of the sans serif typeface in the words “Design Show” draws the reader’s attention because it is in blue, while the rest of the advertisement uses black letterforms. The use of sans serif as the main typeface makes it easy to read which is critical in an advertisement for an event. Also, the use of lowercase sans serif at the bottom of the advertisement help visually move the eye through the words instead of slowing down to process all capital letters.