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Eden restaurant ad

Designed by: Milk the Medium


This is an unaltered original design by Milk the Medium, found at http://www.milkthemedium.com/advertisement.htm

The design was for a restaurant named Eden. No specific designer was listed, just the design company.

This post will discuss and analyze the use of the following design principles: contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity, and color.


draw over contrast

The design company utilized the principle of contrast in a few different ways. The font colors create contrast with the use of black, white and green. The bold green font also contrasts with the narrower black font. There is also contrast in font style in the restaurant name Eden, which has more of a handwritten look, the word Harrisons, which has a script style, and a sans serif capitalized font. The last contrast used was the contrast between the white text with green background, and the green and black text with the white background.


draw over repetition

This advertisement uses repetition in the use of the color green. It is used as background colors at the bottom of the advertisement, in the food image, and the bold text at the top. The bold text at the top also uses repetition with two words per line followed by a period. The black font is repeated in both paragraphs. This is also the case with the white upper case font at the bottom of the advertisement.  Finally, there is repetition in the bottom two lines with center alignment and a bullet point between words.


draw over alignment

This image shows the alignment in the advertisement. Most of the text is aligned to the left. However, the bottom two lines of text have centered alignment. The plate of food is aligned to the right side of the advertisement.


This altered image highlights the proximity between text that is grouped together. For example, the green bold font and the uppercase black text beneath it. The two descriptive paragraphs with black font are also grouped together. The name of the restaurant and the address and phone number have close proximity because they are contact information. The bullet points also provide proximity between names and  special information.


draw over color

This advertisement uses a complementary color scheme with the use of red in the food image and green text and background color. It also uses black and white text to help it not be too busy looking. The red and greens used have a warm undertone, which is appropriate for food, as it gives the illusion/visual image of nice warm food.


All of these five design principles contribute to the overall design. The alignment is one of the most significant contributions to the design due to such a strong, repeated alignment. Proximity contributes to the design by making it easier to read by grouping things together that belong with each other. Color contributes to the overall design because it is a strong complementary color scheme, with warm-undertones and isn’t too busy. Repetition of color helps tie the advertisement together. Finally, contrast contributes to the design so that it is easy to read and grabs your attention.